Cell Phone Cellular Providers

Cingular Wireless

Cingular cellular services offers Free Long Distance on most of their plans, great if you have friends and family out of state. Rather then raking up your home phone bill, you can use your cell phone to make those out of state calls. They offer local service that includes free nationwide long distance. Their regional service is great if you travel outside of your local area, and that also includes free long distance. Cingular is the second largest wireless company in America and their services are very competitive.

AT&T Wireless

AT&T has the country's largest wireless network and provides service to more than 10 million customers. Many of their plans have the option to add mobile to mobile minutes and their shared family plan has unlimited mobile to mobile minutes on cell phones sharing the same plan. This is great if you talk to only a handful of people everyday, like most of us do. Add mobile to mobile minutes to you phone and talk anytime at a fraction of the cost to anyone on the AT&T wireless network in your local area.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is offering over 4000 night and weekend minutes with all their cell phone plans that are over $35 in monthly access fee. Verizon Wireless Local Digital Choice is like the plan you would get if you don't want to sign up for the AT&T Digital Advantage which is five dollars more expensive and offers 50 more anytime minutes a month. Verizon Wireless cellular phone plans are a little cheaper than the cell phone plans from AT&T Wireless.


T-Mobile, formerly VoiceStream Wireless, cell phone plans offer the most peak hour minutes compared to the cell phone plans from other wireless provider. Their peak hours includes all the weekdays. VoiceStream would be the cheapest and most affordable plan to get if you need to make a lot of calls during your work hours and weekend since they offer the most peak time minutes and unlimited weekend minutes. T-Mobile Get More rate plans eliminate long distance and digital roaming charges to make calling throughout the United States affordable whenever and wherever.

Sprint PCS

Sprint PCS provides you with Real Nationwide Long Distance. That means that any domestic calls you make with your cell phone would not incur more additional charges. The Sprint PCS Free and and Clear cell phone plans are great for people that are traveling a lot domestically and making a lot of long distance phone calls with their cellular phone. Sprint PCS offers great service and clear calls over their all digital cellular phone network.


The Nextel National Network provides service to thousands of communities across the United States including 288 of the top 300 markets. Additionally, customers' phone numbers and digital cellular calling features follow them no matter where they travel on the network. Digital two-way radio feature allows customers to talk instantly with 1, 3, 10 or 100 of their co-workers, contractors, family and friends at a fraction of the cost of cellular.

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