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Cellular Battery Terms

Amperage / Amp Hours (Ah)
Represents the amount of energy a battery can hold. This measurement helps determine how long the battery will power the equipment it is used in. Generally speaking, the more 'Ah's' the longer the run time.

The amount of energy a battery can store. Measured in Amp Hours or Milliamp Hours, this is the length of time the battery can supply the required voltage.

A single battery canister. Usually grouped together with other cells to form battery packs of different voltages and amperages.
Example: one NiCD cell is 1.25 volts therefore ten cells packaged together makes a 12.5 volt battery pack.

The process of putting energy into a battery.

"Conditioning A Battery"
A process that utilizes a series of heavy discharges and recharges, on a battery to assure optimum performance.

Cycle Life
The amount of times a battery may be charged and discharged. Every time a battery is charged and discharged it uses one cycle.

The release of energy by the battery.

The term used to describe the capacity loss and subsequent voltage drop in a battery due to constant or repetitious charging and incomplete discharging. This results in a loss of run-time.

Milliamp Hours (mAh)
Refers to battery capacity. 1/1000th of an amp.
Example 1.8Ah = 1800Mah

Rated Capacity
Measured in 'Ah' or 'Mah' capacity is determined by the cell manufacturer. This number is then used to determine run time and is also in warranty policies.

The process of a battery releasing its energy without being used. This can occur by just sitting on the shelf. Most batteries self-discharge about 1 to 2 percent each day.

Units of measuring electrical current, all batteries are rated in volts DC. (Direct Current). This determines how much energy is needed to power your equipment.

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